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PERTAK is a credit card size active card with ultra low power BLE technology. It has been developed for the purpose of people and asset tracking applications. 

Thanks to the built-in NFC support, it can be used in access-control systems, turnstiles, doors. PERTAK provides up to 3 years of battery life for 0dBm TX power and 1 second of interval.


  • Size:  86,5 x 54 x 4,3
  • Battery Life: 3 years + 
  • Max Range: 80m
  • Protocols: iBeacon , Beacon, UID
  • Attachment: Wearable or double sided sticker
  • Motion Sensor: Yes
  • Button: Yes (configurable by app)
  • Led: Red (configurable by app)
  • Protection: IP67
  • NFC  support: 13.56MHz ISO15693, ISO18000-3 Mode1
  • Configuration via Mobile app and NFC

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28 April 2023



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