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ManageATM (v2)

ManageATM (v2)

ManageATM is a compact, cost-effective telemetry solution designed for monitoring and control of remote ATM cabins. 

The main unit and peripherals collect all neccessary environmental and diagnostic data, including temperature, humidity, ambient light, mains/UPS voltages, mains/UPS neutral-to-ground voltages, other UPS faults & alarms. The system also provides power control/power reset of devices inside ATM, such as ATM main computer, network equipments and external lighting.

ManageATM also monitors all the network attached devices inside ATM cabin and generate apporopriate alarms (electronic lock, DVR, router,ATM,…etc.).

Feature Highlights:

  • Low-power, industrial design
  • Small size – 1U unit
  • Internal battery backup providing up-to 7 hours of operation
  • Ethernet, GPRS/4G network connectivity
  • Remote power-off/on up-to 220VAC - 15A
  • AC Voltage and current measurements

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28 April 2023


Banking - ATM telemetry

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