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STN2681 is a dial-up POS Network Gateway solution with multi-port ISDN-PRI digital telephone line interfaces. It manages the communication between dial-up POS terminals and bank POS - credit card servers.

STN2681 is a carrier-grade, modular network device, expandable up to 8 PRI ports, includes redundant dual uplink and dual power supplies.

Key Features

  • Modular ISDN-PRI digital telephone line interface up to 8 ports
  • Low power consumption
  • Hot-swap, redundant power supplies - Hot-swap, redundant uplink cards - Rich modem support at 300..56Kbps speed range
  • Fast-handshake modem support - Synchronous and asynchronous operation
  • SDLC and VISA protocols
  • Internal https web, ssh server
  • Central reporting, alarm management


28 April 2023


Pos Networking

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