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ManageLOCK-DOOR, is a centrally managed electronic door lock solution, where doors are accessed by entering server generated secure one-time-code. All door and lock events are centrally logged and reported. The solution is especially suitable for banks, for telco operators aiming to control many distibuted locations with door locks and mess of physical keys.

ManageLOCK-DOOR provides door access with userId & pin verification, followed by and OTC (one-time-code) sent via SMS or e-mail. All accesses are centrally granted by ManageLOCK Server that checks user rights, job assignments using flexible web service integrations.

The solution provides the followings:

  • Easily, centrally managed locks,
  • Multi-factor user authentication,
  • Event logging, reporting,
  • Online operation, access monitoring,
  • Secure access using OTC (one-time codes)
  • OTC by SMS or e-mail,
  • Modular server software with flexible integrations.

ManageLOCK-DOOR Basic Features

  • Ultra-low standby power consumption
  • Rich set of locking mechanisms including electromagnetic, electric strike, motorized euro-cylinder options
  • Applicable to dry-contact, relay, solenoid controlled doors
  • Applicable to dry-contact, relay, solenoid controlled doors
  • Offline and online OTC operation and user validation
  • Optional network connectivity with NetBox unit (10/100Mbps Ethernet)
  • Secure remote firmware and configuration update (online mode with NetBox)
  • Robust keypad with LCD
  • Dry contact I/O for diverse integrations
  • Alarm panel integration (dry contact output)
  • Integration with Active-Directory or other HR systems
  • Integration with ERP systems, SLA monitoring tools

For more information: ''ManageLOCK-DOOR''


28 April 2023


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