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ManageLOCK SMART is a high-security  OTC (one-time-code) based electronic safe lock, designed to be used in banking, CIT applications, ATMs, where centrally manageable, secure access control  is needed. 

ManageLOCK-SMART basically consists of a smart electro-mechanical lock main unit and a keypad. Lock main unit has a standard size of a safe lock, compatible with classical combinational and mechanical key locks. 

One-time codes generated by the server are verified by the lock main unit. Online operation (network connection to the server) is optional ( with NetBox unit).

ManageLOCK Server software enables monitoring and management of smart locks via easy to use web based  ui, enabling service based integrations with external systems (LDAP/Active Directory, external reporting tools,...).

For more information: ''ManageLOCK SMART''


28 April 2023


Electronıc Locks

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